Health is one of the most important goods for human beings, a consciously natural nutrition is the supporting pillar for this. Algae carry the elemental power of nature. Through our research and development, we have deciphered the access to this elemental power and to make it available to human beings.

Our unique formulas in combination with fascinating natural resources enable us to provide sensual and nutrient-rich nutrition - for consciously living people and for a healthy society. We encourage people to live their lives consciously and healthily.


Our vision is to promote a consciously healthy eating society. We develop and produce products that maintain and support people's health and happiness in life.

Our products meet the highest quality standards and are affordable for most people. Through the fascinating explanation of the miracle of life, we aim to change people's needs and behaviours so that they consciously and continuously eat healthy - for a healthy world!


Our values are passion, sustainability, innovation, responsibility, professionalism, appreciation, transparency and love.