Our mission

BlueBioTech International GmbH (BBT) produces and distributes food supplements on a natural basis. In 2000 Dr. Peter Hartig, a doctor of biology and entrepreneur, founded BlueBioTech International GmbH with a focus on microalgae - the beginning of a success story. Since then, the company has been marketing nutritional supplement products for the vitality of body and mind under the name Dr. Peter Hartig®.

A unique selling point of the company are the two company-owned algae farms in China and on Tenerife. Here, two research teams led by Dr. Peter Hartig cultivate the microalgae Spirulina platensis and the astaxanthin-containing microalgae Haematococcus Pluvialis. Two special microalgae products are produced from these: DPH® Spirulina and DPH® Astaxanthin.

All Dr. Peter Hartig® products are regularly tested by independent food institutes. Important quality assurance is carried out by the renowned analytical institute TeLA GmbH. TeLA GmbH laboratories test which ingredients must or must not be contained in DPH® products. This ensures a consistently high quality of natural products.

The end customer sales department of BlueBioTech International GmbH is located in Kaltenkirchen in Schleswig-Holstein, north of Hamburg. In addition to its own purchasing, sales and marketing departments, this location also includes the company's own customer service center, where DPH® products can be ordered by telephone.

In addition, the entrepreneur Dr. Peter Hartig sells his products via the teleshopping channel HSE24, where he himself regularly appears on camera in his LIVE broadcasts.

The Dr. Peter Hartig® company is characterized by progress. BlueBioTech International GmbH is growing continuously, always thinking in new ways and thus constantly developing innovatively.

Thus, in 2015, the publishing house "Blue Chocolate Tree GmbH" was founded and with it the publication of the microalgae expert Dr. Peter Hartig's own biography, "The miracle of life. My story. The algae. Your Health."

Since 2018, THC-free cannabis products have been distributed through the subsidiary mediBLUE®.